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Computer Security Watch – Sept 9, 2014

All Roads Lead To Rome
Today’s Top Threat
Microsoft Lync Server CVE-2014-4070 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
The program Microsoft Lync has a weakness to cross-site scripting that has been exploited recently. Through the weaknesses the attacker may be able to obtain sensitive information from web sessions. As with all Microsoft vulnerabilities, it is best to update the product with the most recent patch.

Today’s Top Stories
The Security Implications of Wearables, Part 2
“The possibility of attacks varies largely, depending on the broad category we are focusing on. The probability of attack will increase depending on where the attack can take place. Conversely, the possibilities of physical damage are much more remote as you go further from the physical device. As the attack moves further away from the device, the focus shifts towards stealing the data.”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist

If your company is listed here and you think you should not be on this blacklist, please email operations@computerservicenow.com.

Using What You Got
I always find it interesting to think about how our parents and grandparents used to visit cities like New York, LA, or Chicago, they would go to the city and have to rely on word of mouth and recommendations. Now we have things like Yelp on our phones where we can plan so much better, see reviews of restaurants, plays, or stores to see what is worth visiting. Apps like that have made randomly travelling to large cities one of my favorite hobbies, there is so much to find, so much to see, and a lot of it isn’t the big touristy attractions our parents saw. The internet has definitely changed our society, sometimes it is not always for the best, but what we can definitely say is that it is giving us a different perspective than our parents once had.

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