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Computer Security Watch – Sept 22, 2014

Faster Is Usually Better
Today’s Top Threat
There is not a lot of information posted about the new Gofcbot, but what we can tell is that it will infect your computer steal information and allow other viruses onto your machine. It seems to be your run of the mill Trojan virus.

Today’s Top Stories
Risky Links: Layers and Protocols of Internet of Everything Devices
“We see the ‘cool’ when we wear or operate our smart TVs and watches and all other smart devices we own. But are we aware of how the data is processed in these devices? And where does the data we get or the data that these devices transmit end up?”
Domains Added To Our Blacklist
In case you want to add them to yours as well. If your company is listed here and you think you should not be on this blacklist, please email operations@computerservicenow.com.

A Good Plan
Many types of PC’s will work for the same person, but it really comes down to what you do. Do you spend your time doing work from home? Do you spend your time browsing the internet? Do you want to play games? Well there are many things to keep in mind, if you plan to do business or even just browse the internet; there is one thing that you should keep in mind. Do not be cheap. Seriously. The biggest issue people have is that they buy the cheapest PC they can find, then complain how slow it is. Of course it is slow when you bought the bare minimum. Do you self a favor and buy something a little nicer for the long run.

If you want help setting up a new PC, please call us for assistance.

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