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Computer Security Watch – Oct 09, 2014

The Right Choice
Today’s Top Threat
“Packed.Generic.468 is a heuristic detection for files that may have been obfuscated or encrypted in order to conceal them from antivirus software. This heuristic detection is used to detect threats associated with multiple threat families. “

Today’s Top Stories
Is iWorm a Wake-Up Call for Mac Security?
“With various publications reporting tens of thousands of users affected around the world by iWorm, does your organization have a good Mac security plan? When iWorm has infected a Mac computer, the malware makes a connection with a command and control (C & C) server out on the Internet. This connection with the C & C server can then be used to achieve a large range of tasks, including the theft of personal or corporate data, installing other malicious software applications, making configuration changes and more. iWorm even showed some interesting creativity by using a forum on the popular Reddit web site to communicate with its command and control network.”
Domains Marked As Spam
In case you want to add them to yours as well. If your company is listed here and you think you should not be on this blacklist, please email operations@computerservicenow.com.

Not All Cables Are Equal
Recently while trying to troubleshoot a connection issue with a device, I found that a contractor had run a non Cat5e/Cat6 cable and called it a Cat5e/Cat6 cable. For the most part they looked the same and you couldn’t really tell the difference. The odd part is that the device worked… just did not work really well. So while looking at the device I noticed, man that cable doesn’t look right, well it wasn’t. The point of this story is, not all cables are equal, and using the correct cable is important, very important. Most of the time using the wrong cable means it won’t work, but it can also manifest in slower speed or bad quality, which makes your customer very unhappy.

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