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Do New Software And Cloud Updates Suggest That The Bridge Between Mobile And Desktop Is Getting Shorter?

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The fight between mobile and desktop has been going on for a while now. Today, business and people move too fast for us to be sitting behind a desk for long periods of time. As business becomes more mobile, so too must our technology and software. Our technology has caught up with our mobile lives for the most part, but the software area might be lacking a bit. The problem is dealing with limited software when you go mobile. Our desktops are equipped with software that is designed to run at it’s full capacity. Mobile devices have to have their software and apps designed differently, especially since everything is touch-based now. Are we getting closer to making our mobile tech’s software more like our desktop counterparts? For information on integration application software visit https://www.jitterbit.com/solutions/servicenow-integration/.

The simple answer is yes.

Thank You, Cloud.

Many of you may not use a cloud, and many of you might. There are some people who still are unfamiliar with the use of a cloud. Simply put, the cloud storage allows you to access files that you saved on one to device via another device. Did you save that finance report on your desktop computer? Need to fix a problem with it, but only have your tablet?…

512040277…Just access the cloud via your tablet and you can pull up the document that you need to fix. As long as your tablet has the proper access to the cloud and is linked to it properly, then you will be able to take care of what you need to take care of. Well… as long as your mobile devices have the proper software.

Adobe Might Have Your Software Needs Covered.

This past Monday, Adobe released a new line of mobile apps to work more cohesively with the desktop versions. The goal is to make the workflow and project transitions a bit more seamless. There is enough frustration with not being able to access files properly because of the lack of proper programs, and Adobe understands that. Many of the updates include programs involving creative imaging and video development. There’s nothing wrong with this, but some of the apps seem a bit pigeon holed to just graphic design and video editing. That being said, they’re also releasing a creative SDK for third party developers with Windows and Android so that they can make even more apps to make work transitions a bit easier.

adobe apps3



What Does It Mean?

It means that things are about to get a lot easier within the workplace. It’ll be a lot less stressful when you can access files from home without the worry of having the proper programs to work effectively. Having this type of access and control means that we could all work a bit more efficiently. Not to mention that other program developers might be a bit more inclined to design apps to match their desktop counterparts. Between Program developers and the use of the cloud, the possibilities could be endless. Our computers and our mobile devices may, in fact, become indistinguishable. I’m honestly very ok with that.


Hopefully the new SDK from Adobe will give the developers the proper tools to make even more apps to help us out in our work lives at the office, and when we need them at home. No one really wants to work after they’re clocked out, but the fact that our software and cloud usage are now working together more conjunctively means that if we need to make it happen, we have the option. Everyone loves new technology, but they love it even more when they have excellent new software to work with it.

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