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Computer Security Watch – Oct 13, 2014

Things that make me want a sandwich.Viruses Are Like A Potato Chip
Today’s Top Threat
The Android.Gomal is a Trojan virus directed at Android phone systems, its primary function is to steal information from the device and send it back to the user. When in doubt it’s a good idea to scan your phone to make sure you do not have anything like this on it!

Today’s Top Stories
Spoofed Apps—a New iOS Concern?
“In the threat landscape, it can sometimes be difficult to classify if something should be considered a threat. Certainly, there are the blatantly obvious threats (read: malware) but there are some that merit discussion. One such example are “cloned” apps or “spoofed” apps.”

Domains Marked As Spam
In case you want to add them to yours as well. If your company is listed here and you think you should not be on this blacklist, please email operations@computerservicenow.com.

The Many Effects Of Your Common Virus
We are all too painfully aware of the visible effects of having a virus. They range from the semi annoying underlined links in Internet Explorer, to the drastic Cryptolocker and FBI Warning viruses, but what does the common virus actually look like to most people? To a lot of people it looks like user error, a program being glitch, and your PC running a little slower than you would have liked. They seem almost innocent enough that you don’t notice, your PC is a year old why wouldn’t it slow down a little bit since the first day you got it. Among many other reasons, the small and pesky viruses are really the most dangerous. What you do not see, is that the ones slowing your PC down are quietly trying to steal your information. They are slowly eating away your bandwidth. They are the ones opening the backdoor to the much bigger threats. Viruses will leave your susceptible to other viruses, just like Lay’s, you cannot have just one.

If you need assistance in removing viruses, call us.

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