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Should Certain Computer Services And Programs Become Cloud Integrated?

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For those of us who have to work behind a computer all day long, we tend to rely solely on our devices to get our work done. We save most, if not all, of our work onto our desktops at work or at home. Once we leave these machines, we leave our documents and files there as well. That could be time sensitive data and you might not be able to access the device that you saved all your data on. Luckily for us, there have been recent developments and advancements with our technology that allow us to access files and share files that are saved on virtual servers and storage spaces. For the ones who aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Cloud technology and software. It’s really helped make sharing files and accessing data a lot easier.

There is one question that many people who use clouds are starting to ask however; Are we going to see more apps and services able to be used with cloud technology?


Why Is It Important?

We are quickly approaching a period in technology where we are becoming more and more virtual/digital. Being able to access the data that we need to access from different devices is crucial in today’s time. If we don’t have that accessibility, we are limiting ourselves. Yes we can file share. Yes we can look at projects or data that we need to look at. What about our applications though? There are certain websites that will offer their software and services via a cloud based server or storage spot. In fact, many of us actually use software provided by different companies and providers and we’re not even aware of it. Take Google Apps for example. Programs such as those are available with an internet connection and kept within the realm of that companies servers. Should you have anything saved on those apps, you can access them from another device that works with Google Apps. It just means easier accessibility.

Easier To Conduct Business

It might not seem like having an application or service being cloud integrated would make much of a difference in the way a company performs business. In all reality it means quite a lot. Why? It’s all about sharing information in the quickest and most efficient way. When you are able to send emails and texts back and forth between you and a business partner, you’re not thinking of how important that communication is. Naturally since the program or service is working, you’re not thinking about it’s importance. Let’s say that you have a spreadsheet that can only be accessed via a certain site. The site itself is where you’re spreadsheet is saved. You can’t just email the spreadsheet cause it’s not saved on your personal hard drive. If certain permissions are given and access is granted, another business associate could look at the spreadsheet via the website in order to figure out the next move. If the business associate is working with a device that doesn’t use Microsoft Excel, then the service provided by the website would be the next best thing. It’s also more than likely a free service.

While it may be a matter of opinion based off of security reasons, having more apps and services becoming integrated with cloud technology would be for the best. As long as the service providers are sure that their services are safe and the users data would be secure, why not do it? It’s all a matter of accessibility it today’s mobile and digital business world.

493763241There are a few providers that are already cloud integrated, now it’s just time for the rest to follow suit!

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