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Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Available Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage OptionsDo you ever feel like a digital pack rat? I myself, save just about everything. Not intentionally mind you, though. I just tend to save and then never remember. In the digital world, you may think that you have a virtually unlimited amount of space to store your data and files. For the most part, that’s exactly right. The only problem that people seem to neglect is the fact that your computer comes with a predetermined amount of space to save all of your data. Your hard drive can fill up quickly these days. This is why we have flash drives and external hard drives now. Or if you’re like most of the modern world today, you’ve started to see the beauty of cloud storage.

Note that even cloud or hosted services can be limited from providers. The good thing is that there are certain “loopholes” you can use to your advantage to maximize your cloud storage space.

Be Aware Of What You’re Saving

This is arguably the biggest downfall of every casual cloud user. You save and save and save away, until before you know it, you’re all out of space. Being aware of what you’re saving to your cloud could really help you with your storage problems in the long run. If you let your data automatically upload to the cloud without first selecting what you choose to save, you’ll be bone dry on storage space much sooner than you think. There are certain services out there that can help you manage these files however. For those of you who use Dropbox for all of your storage needs, the do have a very nice “selective sync” feature. This feature does exactly what you would think it does; pick and choose just what files are getting saved to the Dropbox.

More Music Than You Can Handle

Everyone knows that your music can easily take up a large amount of space and before you know it, there’s no more room to store that new album you just got. We don’t really pay attention. The good thing is that there are some neat little features out there that allow for the best type of storage options. Take iTunes for example. Arguably the biggest music media service out now. iTunes Match will let a user upload their entire music portfolio up to their iCloud, and for only $25 a year, you can access your library of tunes across all of your devices. For the people out there using Google Play as their music service, the Music Manager is about to be your best friend! How does adding up to 20,000 songs strike you? Doesn’t sound like a bad deal does it?

“Getting More” Storage Space

This is, quite honestly, the way that most users will choose to go with when deciding to get more space. The main reason being that you may not really feel like throwing more money at your cloud storage service. So what can you do? Simple! Incentives. There are certain cloud services, such as Dropbox, that will allow you to earn more space just by performing small tasks like referring their services or sending feedback to the service provider about their service. Small tasks that may seem insignificant, but that extra FREE space definitely make it worth it in the end. Some services can even offer up to an extra 40GB of storage space, or even more depending on the incentives and providers you choose to go with.

We are in the age of digital storage. We have too much data to store now. Gone are the days of 8MB memory cards, floppy disks, and 64GB computer hard drives. Now its 1 and 2TB hard drives and cloud storage. Many have decided to go with the cloud, simply because its virtual storage on virtual servers! Just makes sure that you’re getting the most out of the service you’re using.

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