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Computer Security Watch – Nov 10, 2014

Video Are Worth A Million Words
Today’s Top Threat
The Downloader.Upatre!gen5 is another in a long list of heuristic detection viruses to be released in the past year. As always if you see an anti-virus or a scan you do not recognize, don’t trust it!

Today’s Top Stories
Cyber Ground Truth
“Ground Truth is a military term that describes the reality of a tactical situation – as opposed to intelligence reports and mission plans. Just as the military cannot solely rely upon the intelligence provided by aerial surveillance nor can enterprises rely solely on threat intelligence. What is ground truth for cyber tactics in 2015? We attempted to highlight some of these in ourpredictions report.”
More at: http://blog.trendmicro.com/cyber-ground-truth/

Picking A New Video Card
Picking the correct video card can be pretty daunting. You have a ton of options; you have different chipsets, different models, and different vendors all of which play a huge role in select the proper card for you and your needs. The first part is picking what suites your needs, more than likely if you are looking at video cards you have one of two needs, multiple monitors or gaming, as not much else really requires a good video card. I am going to go through the gaming aspect of picking a new card for this upcoming Holiday season!
  1. Picking a price point and trying to stick to it.
    a. Try to figure a price point and stick to it. Remember too low and you won’t get much of an upgrade.
    b. For my example I am looking to spend $350.00. As you can tell, we want a pretty good card, not something we are going to find in a Wal-Mart machine.
  2. Picking the right chipset
    a. This can be a tricky situation, based on when you are choosing your card it can be either AMD or Nvidia leading the way. Right now, Nvidia seems to have a better chipset at upper price ranges. It should be noted, both chipsets are amazing! You cannot go wrong with either.
  3. Do your research on the manufacturers. Often time you can find posts on brands from trusted forums. For a test I did a quick search for “sapphire video card company reviews” which came up with a few reviews. As expected Sapphire got rated quite well, and if you were to ask me, I would say, their card was held up for the past 5 years of some decent hardcore gaming.
  So based on my research I would start looking at an Nvidia GTX 970 card, then tend to range from $320 – $350. There are quite a bit of brands out there producing the GTX 970, and choosing the right now can be rather tough still! We will look more in depth next time on what all those pesky little numbers mean.

Questions about picking the right card, give us a call.

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