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Computer Security Watch – Nov 13, 2014

Chinese Hackers And USPS
Today’s Top Threat
  The backdoor.Jiripot is your everyday standard low distribution backdoor Trojan which will do its best to steal your information and open your computer up to more and more threats.

Today’s Top Stories
The Unavoidable Acceleration of Everything. What next for wearables and IoE?
“It is perhaps telling that when preparing this blog post, I had to add the word “wearables” to the dictionary of my word processor. We are still at the very beginning of the journey into an interconnected “Internet of Everything” but the truth is that every beginning exists in its own unique circumstances. The circumstances surrounding the Internet of Everything are these:”

USPS Hacked
  One of the scariest thoughts in modern civilization is the idea of a hacker stealing your information and destroying your life, but yet, we almost forget about it until we hear stories of big business getting hacked. Recently a Chinese hacker(s) breached the US Postal Service and was able to steal up to 800,000 employee’s sensitive information. As you can imagine, they haven’t released much on how it happened or what they are doing to fix it, but it’s a terrifying through. The government is reassuring us that no customer credits cards were stolen (thank goodness!) but we still have to face the facts that we live in a dangerous world that we cannot see. When we combine that with the recent hacks of Home Depot, Target, and P.F. Changs, it makes you really think twice.
Here are some things you can do to safe guard yourself.
  1. Create a secure password that you change once a month
  2. Use a different password for financials than you do the rest of your things, and change them just as often.
  3. Make sure you have a good, up to date anti-virus!
  4. Watch your credit cards; if you notice a suspicious charge, it’s better to call it in.
  5. Make sure you are patching your program, particularly Windows and Apple OS!
  6. Lastly, stay informed, do a bit of light reading on technology, it will do you a world of good.

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