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Latin America and Global Cybercrime


Latin America is emerging as one of the largest hotbeds of global cybercrime. In a new report, “The Brazilian Underground Market,” Trend Micro, a global developer of online security solutions, explores the Brazilian cyber underground and the latest tactics being used. Threat researchers also highlight unique characteristics of the Brazilian underground, including the use of popular platforms to commit fraud, in addition to price lists for illegal tools and resources to commit cybercrime.

Although the prices of crimeware in Brazil have dropped in recent years, the whitepaper details how the Brazilian underground offers more illicit options than its Russian and Chinese counterparts, some of which can be obtained for free.

Popular products and services bought and sold within the Brazilian cyber underground include:
· Banking Trojans ($368)
· Credit card credentials and number generators (free)
· Crypters ($25)
· Phishing Pages ($39)
· SMS spamming software and services ($50)
· Training services ($46)

“While Brazil’s cyber underground is similar to other underground economies, the whitepaper reveals its unique offerings and competitive prices,” said Christopher Budd, global threat communications manager, Trend Micro. “The Brazilian underground reinforces the need for protection against cybercriminals who use the Dark Web to conduct business, as well as our commitment to help law enforcement capture the bad guys.”

As threat defense experts, Trend Micro works to provide ongoing analysis of the cybercriminal undergrounds around the world through its global forward-looking threat research team actively monitoring criminal activity.

This report is a component of Trend Micro’s Cybercriminal Underground Economy Series, which chronicles how the cybercriminal underground is thriving and evolving, as the number of victims continues to grow through both identity and financial theft.


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