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Today’s Top Threat
The newest iteration of the ransomware Trojans is back. The Trojan will encrypt files with an extremely detailed algorithm and demand payment for your files back. Now would be a good time to back up your files just in case!


Today’s Top Stories
Evaluating the Security of Cyber-Physical Systems: AIS (Paper and Source Code Now Available)
“More broadly, we expect to see a rise in the number of attacks against cyber-physical systems in the near future. Recent attacks on SCADA systems highlight the importance – and vulnerability – of these important systems.”


Small Business Hacks
Sometimes your favorite local business gets hacked and no one really knows about it. I talked to a local business owner over the weekend that had that exact thing happen a few years back, he said they got hacked and it was a little bit before someone caught on, and they weren’t sure what to do. Fortunately, they called the right people and some heavy duty protection was put in place, but we are left with the lingering question. What now?  There are many resources our there, and many of them will agree on at least a few steps to take.

  1. Alert your IT Company, whether it’s a third party or internal, they need to patch the hole and fix any future issues.
  2. Change credentials: Changing your credentials is suggested for anyone who thinks they may have been hacked, but more so with businesses. Those pesky thieves will take all they can.
  3. Communication: Communicate with employees, third party vendors, and even your customers to let them know it happened. In our modern age most people will not think less of a company that got hacked, especially with the likes of Target, Home Depot, and Sony on that list. It went well for them didn’t it? (Not really.)


Those are a few good starting steps, there is going to be a lot to do, but the best thing to do is to communicate well and everything will get resolved!

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