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Computer Security Watch – Jan 29, 2014 With Security Cameras

Smile You’re On Camera
Today’s Top Threat
The Trojan ransom software is getting to be a very common style of virus, and they keep getting updated to work around the current anti-virus definitions. It is always a good idea to keep in mind to keep your files backed up and on an external drive.

Today’s Top Stories
Security of Home Surveillance Cameras
“Home surveillance/security cameras have been available for quite some time, and can be used to keep track of one’s home, children, pets, or business. These devices are, in some ways, the first exposure of people to the Internet of Things.”

Probably Not A Great Idea
  I recently watched a video of a UPS driver throwing a package over a gate and then urinating on the clients house, and not that long ago I saw a video of a UPS driver pull up in his truck and throw a package onto the porch. As an IT firm, we find that a lot of our customers personal and businesses have thermal cameras. They are becoming more and more common to see around town, especially when you know what to look for. Security cameras can help a homeowner and business owner with a lot of issues, including crazy issues like UPS urinating on your house.
  One of those factors is that security cameras are no longer as complex as they used to be, they used to require special monitors and complicated systems, but the new systems are very user friendly and not nearly as bulky and ugly as they used to be.  These systems are easy to view from your home PC, from your phone, and even your tablet.  There of course is some technical set up needed for remote view, but beyond that anyone can use one.

If you need a camera system, or help setting yours up, call us.

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