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Computer Security Watch – Jan 30, 2014 With Virus Removal

A Virus Filled World Out There
Today’s Top Threat
The Tempedreve worm creates a host of files on your PC, and creates a fake invoice document to try to get you to pay for the removal of the virus. The worm will connect to other network devices including jump drives and network drives.

Today’s Top Stories
It’s Baaacck: Ransomware Returns with a Vengeance
“The saying goes: “everything old is new again.”
There’s truth to that saying when it comes to online threats.  Over the past few months, our researchers have seen that ransomware is making a comeback.  This is something to be concerned about because the latest versions of ransomware are very sophisticated. That means that a successful ransomware infection can be very painful for you.”

Hyperlink And Redirect Removal
  Viruses come in all sorts and shapes lately, they can appear to be an anti-virus program, they can ransom your files, it can even present as a small thing linking words on a webpage. The big viruses get a lot of attention and you can find about a thousand different ways to remove them properly, but more often than not the small ones that annoy you, are not covered as much.

If you find yourself at a point where you are getting your webpages redirected or simple words are being hyper linked to webpages you do not want, then it is time to run a few simple scans. One of the programs that does an amazing job at removing those is called Adwcleaner. It does a lot of things for you, particularly is runs a light weight scan to remove unwanted programs that got installed, fix virus related registry errors, fix virus related website issues, and subsequently speeds up your PC. The program is a well-respected, ad-free, no spyware, no junk and most important a trust-able program.
Of course there are many others that do a great job, but for today, this is my suggested anti-virus program to help you out!

If you have computer viruses, give us a call.

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