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Computer Security Watch – Feb 16, 2014 With Cable Advice

cable adviceCable Madness
Today’s Top Threat
Once the Spadyra Trojan infects your computer it will start sending out malicious emails from your accounts. The most annoying part about this will be the responses you get telling you that you have a virus. Get ready to have fun!

Today’s Top Stories
It’s Baaacck: Ransomware Returns with a Vengeance
“Cybermilitiamen are supposedly independent attackers who carry out cyberattacks in a virtual war on behalf of state goals. Whether it’s Russian hackers allegedly attacking Estonia, NATO and Ukraine, or North Korean hackers allegedly attacking South Korea, these shadowy figures seek to cause real harm against their state’s enemies.”
More at: http://blog.trendmicro.com/cybermilitaman-cybercriminal-both/

When Your Cable Is Too Old
  I was doing some low end electrical work in my house this weekend and found that the cable that is there for my ceiling fan is old, and I mean old. It was still cloth bound and was become brittle, which most likely explain my issues with the fan. This got me thinking about replacing my electric cable running through certain parts of my house.

Well unlike a house with old brittle cloth bound cable, it isn’t always as easy to tell when you need to replace a computer cable. An old SATA cable doesn’t look much different than a new SATA 6 cable, but the speed makes a pretty big difference. A lot people also don’t realize what a new video cable can do as well, the difference between VGA, DVI/ HDMI are rather big to a tested eye. There are plenty more cables that can be checked and it may be worth checking into your cabling to make sure you are getting the most for your hardware.

If you need to have cables checked or upgraded, give us a call.

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