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Free Lifetime PC Tune-Ups For Veterans! Thank You For Your Service!

There are roughly 19.3 million military veterans currently in the United States. That’s 19.3 million men and women who have sacrificed parts of their life to keeping all of us safe and ensuring that we can continue to live with the liberties and freedoms that we’ve always had. There are many services and benefits that our veterans receive once they return to civilian life. Aside from some of the free things our veterans receive on Veteran’s Day, like free meals at restaurants, there are a lot of things that other businesses do as a way of saying thank you.

Some military brides can get things like free wedding dresses while those military members stationed abroad can get free photo books to give them some pictures of home. Other benefits for our service men and women include things like free admission to theme parks and museums, free lawn care services, free schooling, free online tutoring and even free grants for children of military moms and dads to participate in activities like arts programs, camps, and sports. There really is no way of thanking our military members enough for everything they do and all they sacrifice for us.

ComputerServiceNow holds our military veterans in the highest regard and we want to do everything we can for them. That is why ComputerServiceNow will be offering free PC tune-ups for any and all United States Military Veterans for life! Our service men and women do so much for us that it’s only fair that we try to do something for them. That is why any US Military veteran can bring in one computer once a year for a free tune-up!

One of the services this offer entails is General PC Tune-Up. ComputerServiceNow will perform both a physical hardware tune-up and software tune-up for your sluggish computer. This includes processes like virus removal, software updates, defragmentation, physical hardware check, a thorough dusting and so much more!

Another service that you will receive is Malicious Software Removal. Is your internet browser running slow? Are you plagued by pop-ups and toolbars and website redirects? Things like Malware, Spyware, Viruses, Adware, and other malicious software can slow your computer down to a snail’s pace. These issues can prevent you from doing even the simplest everyday tasks. ComputerServiceNow will remove any and all of these problematic issues from your PC and get you up and running again as soon as possible!

Our In-House PC Tune-Ups offer a few ways for you to get your computer to us. You can drop your computer off at our shop and our ComputerServiceNow techs will perform a complete tune-up of your computer. Schedule your appointment ahead of time or simply walk-in, we won’t turn you down either way. If you are finding it difficult or impossible to bring in your PC yourself we also offer a pickup service. If you can’t bring in your computer then one of our techs will pick up your computer and bring it to our shop and perform a complete check-up. Then we will schedule a time to deliver it back to you or a time for you to come pick it up, whichever is easiest for you! It is important to note that our pickup service area is within 15 miles of Middletown, Ohio (where our shop is located). We service Middletown, Franklin, Miamisburg, Centerville, Springboro, Monroe, Trenton, Germantown, Lebanon, Seven Mile, and their surrounding areas.

ComputerServiceNow typically has a 1 business day turnaround time for PC tune-ups. One of our technicians will call you when your computer tune-up is complete and will also notify you when you can pick it up or schedule an appropriate time for delivery depending on which service option you have chosen. And the best part is that this is absolutely 100% free to each and every one of our veterans. Our veterans have done so much to keep us safe so let us keep your computer safe with a free PC Tune-Up!

Contact one of our ComputerServiceNow techs today by calling us at 513-422-1907 (local), 877-422-1907 (toll-free), 513-422-9996 (fax), emailing us at sales@computerservicenow.com or by visiting our website here and letting us know how we can help!

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