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PC Tune-Ups for Southwest Ohio

Everything degrades with time, and your computer is no exception to this rule. If this was not true, computer manufacturing companies would not make a profit by selling upgraded versions of their technology.

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As a consumer you should know that there are ways of getting your computer back into the game that do not involve buying a new PC, like getting a PC tune-up.

Some indicators which can help you determine if you need a PC tune-up are: slow processing speeds, error messages, and system crashes.

If you live in Southwest Ohio, Computer Service Now can put the fight back into your computer. Depending on where you live, we can either pick up your computer for you at a flat rate of $99, or you can drop off your device for a lower price of $79. We even accept walk-in drop offs.

Once your PC is in our shop our technicians will perform a complete tune-up. Our PC tune-ups can include the installation of an anti-virus program, virus, malware, and adware removal, disk defragmentation, a hardware performance check, physical cleaning and dusting, and much more.

Depending on the service option you selected, one of our technicians will call you to tell you when you can pick your computer up or arrange a delivery time for you to receive your repaired computer. Call 513-422-1907 to schedule your Southwestern Ohio PC tune-up today!

Computer Service Now offers one free annual PC tune-up for all military veterans. It does not matter what branch of the military you served or are serving in, this offer can be used once per year to thank you for your service.

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