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Ransomware Removal

The internet has a reputation for being a place people can go to get their technology tampered with by others. One tool in the arsenal of the modern-day cybercriminal is ransomware. For those of you who don’t know, ransomware is software which is designed to make victims pay a certain amount of money before possibly giving users back their normal access to files and programs. You may think that it would be difficult to find ransomware. Unfortunately, ransomware just might find you first.


Cybercriminals can send ransomware directly to your email account.With the development of ransomware, you only have to go as far as your email accounts to receive malicious software. Be cautious of any strange messages you see in your email account, especially if the message has files attached.

A preferred method of virus delivery is through hoax booking confirmations. If you see an out of place flight or hotel confirmation, be wary of attached files or links to websites. Some telltale signs of ransomware messages include poor grammar and unrelated message content. An example of unrelated message content is getting an email from a supposed airline company about tracking a delivery.

In the event that your computer is infected by ransomware, your files will be encrypted, and you will be given instructions on how to pay your aggressor. Depending on the ransomware you receive, you may also be given a deadline by when you must pay in order to possibly decrypt your files.

If your computer is infected with ransomware, please do not try to resolve the problem yourself. You can end up losing years of personal information and photos.  To prevent this, routinely back up valuable information. The threat of ransomware relies solely on the user’s unwillingness to lose their information.

Instead of possibly losing your files and definitely losing your money, back up your files, and if you live in the Southwest Ohio region, get a PC repair near Cincinnati, or get a PC tune-up. You can call one of our technicians today at 877-422-1907 and we can get your computer up and running again and help prevent further issues by installing an antivirus program onto your device.

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