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3 Tips to Help You Get More out of Your Computer

It’s a brand new year, which means that the gyms will be packed for the next three months or so, and many salads will be consumed. However, you should make your New Year’s resolution more than just to improve the management of your physical condition, you should also aim to improve your management of your technology, or more specifically your personal computing device and with BostonDigital.io you can get your computer ready for anything !

When it comes to managing your PC, there are probably many ways in which you can improve your day-to-day computing. However; this article will only be about three things which can help you better use your personal computer throughout the new year.

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1. Create or Reorganize Folders

Folders can be wonderful or terrible depending on what extent you use them, and how you organize them. When making new folders, make sure to label them so that their easy to find. It will also be much easier to find your folders if you categorize them to be for a specific type of file or document. If you have a lot of work files in various places, stick them all in one folder so that you know where all of your work related documents are, .

One of the best things about folders is that you can create subfolders in them. Which means instead of just having a folder named “Work Files”, with a bunch of different file types you have to search through to find one specific Word document, you can create a subfolder specifically for work-related Word documents so that you can find it without sifting through every single file type in your work folder.  

It should be noted that you can go too crazy with folders however. If you have too many folders in your folders you’re probably still going to spend a good amount of time searching through all of your folders just to find the right one, which is exactly what you were trying to prevent by using folders in the first place.

 2. Empower Your Passwords

It is easy to think of passwords as a nuisance. You always have to enter them every single time you go back to a website unless you forget to logout on an older site or allow your browser to remember your password. However; because we often feel inconvenienced when we enter our passwords, we often make them simple, which means they can be for a hacker to get.  

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What I’m about to recommend is somewhat similar to letting your browser remember your passwords, but is not nearly as frowned upon by society. If you want to create great and unique passwords for every site you visit, you should consider downloading a password manager application. Password manager applications give you a single location to create, store, and update your passwords, but you will need a password to login to one of these, so try to make it something good if you download one.

3. Get an AntiVirus

Not all AntiVirus softwares are great, but most of them will get the job done. If you feel like you have the potential to run into a lot of malware frequently, you should get a good AntiVirus software. However; even if you don’t feel like viruses or malware have ever been a big issue for you, you should still get something to protect your device in case you accidentally stumble into something. Depending on what you get, even a free antivirus is better than nothing.


A final tip to help you through the new year is to try to apply common sense, and think through any issues that may come up. Phishing email schemes and fake antivirus programs and the malware which trails them can be easily avoided with a bit of critical thinking. However, if you do get malware on your system which you cannot remove, you can always get a PC tune-up from us if you live near the Southwest Ohio region.

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