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The Perils of Using Legacy Systems

Older products often lack the benefits provided by newer products. For example, an old flip phone does not have all the benefits of a modern-day smartphone. However, using older technology does not mean that you only have less features than what is available with current technology. Using older technology also means that in many cases you are making yourself more vulnerable to a plethora of technological terrors, such as:

Data Loss

Using an older hard drive is a dangerous affair. The minimum average lifetime of a traditional hard drive (HDD) is about 5 years. After those five years are up, if you haven’t already, you should create backups of your important data on a second memory storage device. By having your important information on multiple storage units at any given time, you are much less likely to lose data you value, such as family photos or legal documents.

Legacy Systems

Higher Quantity and Quality of Malware

Using an older operating system or internet browser makes you vulnerable to much more malware than what is out there on current technology. It requires time to make things, and this fact holds true for people who make malware. Older systems are prone to having a higher quantity of security flaws and cyber-criminals will have additional time to create more complex malware.

The risk of using any computer program is dramatically increased when the provider stops supporting it. Such programs are given the moniker of being “legacy systems”, and although this can be considered a cool title, it means that the program is an outdated and risky piece of equipment to be using. For a purely conjectural example, you may find that you run into fewer viruses while using Google Chrome than the amount you run into using Internet Explorer.


Most things are built with the creators knowing that their creation will become obsolete eventually. This is especially true for the computer industry, which seems to be constantly improving and adapting. There will eventually come a time where it will be unprofitable to try to keep using old computer hardware or software due to the fact that there are much better and newer parts or programs available. You may even find that paying for new and improved versions of software and hardware is a cheaper alternative to trying to maintain outdated systems you are currently using.


If you are running legacy systems and feel that your computer is performing poorly, you can bring your computer in for our technicians, or have our technicians pick it up for a PC tune-up if you live in the Southwest Ohio region. A standard PC tune-up includes virus removal, software updates, defragmentation, a physical hardware check, and much more!

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