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MacOS High Sierra Root Account Compromise Fixed

A gold MacbookMost computers have an account which by default allows unrestricted access and control to all of the commands and programs on an operating system. This account is called a “root” account by Macintosh and Linux, and “administrator” by Windows. Earlier this week Apple released its next big operating system update: MacOS High Sierra.

Software updates for most things more often than not will contain bugs and issues which the developer doesn’t know about until their creation goes live. A lot of times the bugs that slip through the cracks are small issues, but updating to MacOS High Sierra allowed users to access the root account on their device without even requiring a password.

This major vulnerability was identified earlier this week, and since then Apple has released to patches for MacOS High Sierra. Apple has been urging its users to update, even going as far as forcing the update to auto install on operating systems running High Sierra who do not have the patch.

If for some reason you are still running the launch version of High Sierra, upgrade your operating system now so you don’t have to deal with device-crippling malware later. All you have to do to update is go to the App Store, click on the “Updates” tab, and then click “Update” on what you want to update (in this case your OS version).

Thankfully Apple was quick to fix this issue, and they seem to be forcing the operating system to auto update. Although this event is something of an anomaly, most of the time if users want to have the best cyber security measures they should have their software fully up-to-date, which is a course of action that I still recommend even after this conundrum.

If your MacOS device somehow became compromised after the High Sierra release you can drop off your computer at our shop or have us pick it up for a PC tune-up which will remove malicious software and get your computer back into fighting shape.

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