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National Engineers Week

National Engineers Week is upon us and it’s time to celebrate all of the ways that engineers make a difference in our world every day. From creating the simulations and software that are used in virtual reality simulations to train new surgeons and helping kids explore engineering careers in STEM camps to improving facial recognition technologies for security cameras, the technological innovations of dedicated engineers impacts our world in some surprising and amazing ways.

Getting kids in on the action

Engineer teaching kids

STEM camps help youngsters explore the world of engineering through games and play, immersing them in what can otherwise be very intimidating concepts. By engaging kids early on, educators and camp leaders are able to take advantage of kids natural curiosity and wonder to foster their interest in engineering, including coding, video game development, software development, and cybersecurity (via hackathons).

Strides in medicine

The US is in desperate need of new surgeons and VR may help medical schools and training hospitals meet the demand faster than traditionally possible. To help meet the goal of 20,000 new surgeons by 2020, engineers have developed VR surgery simulations that allow medical students and surgeons to learn new techniques with a hands-on approach that doesn’t endanger patients.

Surgeons teaching brain surgery to medical students

The Department of education has also recognized the talents that engineers are bringing to medical training, naming medical VR leaders Osso VR as the EdSim Challenge winner in 2017. The engineers at Osso VR are designing next-generation simulations that include haptic technologies to enhance the technical training of surgeons.

We see you

Current facial analysis security camera technology can be hit or miss, but engineers are continuing to make advancements in the field. From practical applications like speeding up ticketing lines at concerts to helping police identify criminals on the street, the future of facial analysis is bright.

Facial recognition on security cameras

In fact, facial analysis is already making inroads in the event industry. Ticketmaster recently invested heavily in the work done by engineers at a startup called Blink Identify and its technology to identify people walking past at full speed in less than a second. Musical powerhouse Taylor Swift has even gotten in on the action. Her security team used facial analysis cameras in display kiosks during her 2018 Rose Bowl performance to capture photos of fans and cross-referenced these pics with those of her known stalkers. The work of engineers to improve facial analysis technologies will have a significant impact on security camera technology and applications in the future.

Women in the Field

Woman engineer

Only 13 percent of engineers are women, but the engineering world is working hard to increase the gender diversity of their workforce. While women have made great strides in narrowing the gap in other male-dominated fields, engineering seems to be a harder shell to crack. Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is one of many efforts aimed at inspiring more girls and women to explore engineering careers. By encouraging females to share their knowledge and experience, these efforts help create a more welcoming environment for women thinking about entering a career in engineering.

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