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Tired of Waiting on a Slow Internet Connection?: Wireless Networks and Internet Speed Troubleshooting

Slow internet connection

Internet speed issues can be more than just a pain in the neck. These connectivity issues can also create delays and slow down your business’ productivity. If your network seems to be running slower than usual or you’re having a hard time connecting, there are many variables to consider. The troubleshooting process for internet speed issues goes beyond just resetting your router and can often be complicated and overwhelming for business owners to handle in-house, especially if your wireless network has been set up incorrectly. Let us diagnose your connectivity and network issues and provide the right solutions to keep your company running at maximum speed.

Symptoms of internet speed issues

Internet speed issues are often easily identified by the users of your network. If your employees are grumbling about slow internet speeds, be sure to keep an eye out for the telltale signs. Slow internet speeds will often cause websites to time out or not load properly. Additionally, you may find that videos take a long time to buffer and appear pixilated when they finally begin playing. You may also have downloads that time out or notice that video and image heavy sites take forever to load.

More than just annoying, these issues can cause serious productivity issues for your employees – putting your business at risk. If you start experiencing any of these issues, it’s almost certain that your internet speed is too slow to support your business’ needs.

Check your speed

As a first step, we recommend that you test your internet speed to confirm that you’re getting the speed you’re paying for. If you pay for high-speed internet but find that the actual speed doesn’t seem to match what was advertised, you’re not alone. Internet service providers typically provide “up to” speed quotes for businesses and homeowners alike. If you’re experiencing issues with slow connectivity, don’t take your ISPs word for how fast your connection is.

Check network speed

Whether wired or wireless, slow internet can be the result of a variety of issues. We can run some simple tests to determine what’s slowing down your network and provide the right solutions to fix your connectivity issues.

Wireless networks

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses. When deployed properly, wireless networks contribute to high productivity and ease of access. However, when a wireless network isn’t set up correctly, it can cause endless frustration for your employees and leave you lacking the bandwidth your business requires to function at the highest level.

If something seems off in your wireless network, give us a call. We can conduct a complete evaluation of your existing wireless network to identify the root cause of the issue. Our comprehensive look at your wireless network includes evaluating your current capacity and projecting your future needs, allowing us to select the right devices to meet your needs.

In smaller offices, Wi-Fi range extenders may be needed to boost the Wi-Fi signal of your broadband modem and act as an intermediate repeater. For larger spaces, we may recommend installing additional access points to cover spaces where your current router is struggling to keep pace. This comprehensive evaluation of your network allows us to design an equipment configuration that ensures you always have the bandwidth you need to run your business at maximum productivity.

Put your network in good hands

When your wireless network isn’t working properly or you’re struggling with slow internet speeds, working with an IT firm that provides comprehensive solutions allows these issues to be quickly identified and solved. Switching to a better internet provider like Broadway Broadband rural broadband, can also help improve your internet speed. Assessing your equipment and internet speeds, making modifications where necessary, ensuring that your wireless network is set up efficiently, and developing a plan to help your network keep pace with increasing business demands is all part of the premier suite of services offered by Computer Service Now.

Internet speed measurement. Internet and technology concept

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