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7 Things to Consider When Hiring an IT Consultant

Today’s IT consultants need the right blend of experience, service, and knowledge to navigate the complex and interwoven landscapes of modern IT environments. Having an IT consultant in your corner who understands the unique needs of your business and has the expertise needed to craft the right solutions for your business is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. While every business and industry has its own specific needs, here are 7 things every business owner should consider when hiring an IT consultant.

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Breadth and depth of experience

Your IT consultant should have a wide range of experience and knowledge in all IT environments. Selecting an IT consultant with a narrow focus or limited experience can limit your company’s ability to adapt to changing IT needs and lead to increased costs down the line.

Since 1991, we have provided comprehensive IT support and consulting to small and medium businesses in Southwest Ohio. From IT performance improvement and aging hardware to capacity planning and malware and virus protection, our IT experts have the real-world skills and knowledge needed to provide you with the best recommendations for improving your IT network.

Understanding your needs

Every business and industry has its own set of IT challenges. Your IT consultant should work with you to understand the unique needs of your business, including addressing your IT goals and budgetary restrictions.

Our IT consultants work with clients to gain better insight into their business operations and the needs of the IT networks. Working with you rather than just for you, our experts are able to develop a more holistic approach to crafting the right IT solutions for your business. We look at the issues you’re facing with your current infrastructure, ensuring that the capabilities of your IT network are in line with your business objectives, and making recommendations for data backup and recovery planning that can keep your business running even in the face of disaster.

Assess your IT situation before it's too late

Crafting your perfect solution

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter solution in the world of IT. The right IT consultant will take the information gained from initial consultations and use that to put together a plan of action to suit your business demands.

After getting more insight into your needs, our IT consultants develop a plan to meet your IT needs. This comprehensive plan includes any computers, hardware, servers, and other devices that we recommend to accomplish your goals, in addition to software and best practices that you should implement to protect your network and business. Since we know that these plans often seem overwhelming, the presentation of the plan includes recommendations of what we are recommending and why. We listen to your feedback and can amend the plan as needed until you are satisfied with the overall recommendation.


IT consultancy shouldn’t be a standalone service. Your consultant should be part of a team that can execute the plan once you’ve given the go ahead.

Once we have your approval, our IT team will begin gathering the equipment for your IT network and other needs. We set up and test all of the hardware in our shop prior to delivery to ensure that there are no problems or issues. From approval to installation, we keep you updated and informed of the status of your project. We are typically able to prepare and deliver computers and other devices within only a few days, while servers are usually ready for installation within just a couple of weeks from approval. In a hurry? We can often expedite the setup and installation of your equipment to suit your business needs.

Discover other talents

The ideal IT consultant is capable of providing more than just the bare minimum of service. As with other areas of business, having an IT consultant that is capable of delivering expanded or ongoing services presents added value for your company.

Among other services, our IT team offers Managed Service Plans that monitor all of your devices and software and provide regular reports on the state of your network. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the ability to identify and prevent IT network issues before a problem arises is priceless. If you’ve got monitoring covered by in-house IT staff, our hourly support services still come in handy when your team is overwhelmed.

Managed IT Service

Unmatched customer service

Your IT consultant shouldn’t just disappear when the workday ends. Whether it’s a weekend emergency or a midday crash, our IT team understands the value of being there for you when you need us most. From the very first time you reach out to us to the holiday weekend meltdown, we strive to provide unparalleled customer service to keep your business on track.

Always Developing

Keeping up with the latest advancements in computer technology can be difficult even for industry professionals. You need to be able to spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about your office equipment – that’s where the experts at Computer Service Now can help. Our computer services, including computer repair, upgrades, tune-ups, and much more offers you an easy and hassle-free option to keep your office computers running smoothly.

With our high level of customer service and satisfaction, Computer Service Now works hard to be the premier IT firm in the Cincinnati and Dayton region. We offer a wide variety of IT solutions that stay within your budget. For IT-related projects big and small, our experience, expertise, and variety of services allow us to provide the support you need to meet your business needs. Contact us today and let us solve all of your IT needs today!

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