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Server Virtualization Benefits and Considerations

For system administrators who need their server to wear multiple hats, server virtualization is an ideal solution that allows for the creation of several virtual servers. Cost-effective and efficient, server virtualization allows for the partitioning of the server and allows each virtual server to be dedicated to specific functions. If you have users who need to be separated from one another or need to run multiple applications on the same server, server virtualization may be a viable option for helping you meet this goal without resorting to buying additional costly servers. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of server virtualization and things you should consider. 

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Server virtualization can help your IT staff transition from being hardware management-minded to being focused on improving the services they provide to your organization. For IT managers who juggle multiple servers and desktops, server virtualization can help your team:

Save money. Fearing that the failure of one application or program can bring down an entire server, many companies run just one or two applications per server to protect the integrity of their servers. Server virtualization allows IT departments to turn a single-purpose server into a multi-tasking one that can better adapt to changing workloads. When you use server virtualization to partition one physical server into multiple virtual machines, you can operate multiple operating systems simultaneously on one physical server. Not having to invest in additional physical servers means that you are saving money on hardware costs and that your server is occupying less physical space in your workplace.

Save energy. Server virtualization reduces the number of physical servers your business needs to operate effectively. Fewer servers to power means a reduction in the amount of energy required to power and cool them. As the trend toward green IT practices continues to grow, this reduction in energy consumption can not only save you time, it can also boost your reputation with environmentally conscious consumers and clients.

Save time. Since your IT team will have fewer physical servers to manage, they can spend less time on manual tasks required for server maintenance. Additionally, since storage devices are pooled on a single server, tasks like backing up, archiving, and recovering data can be performed more quickly and easily. 

Safer testing environments. If your team is considering rolling out new software or applications, server virtualization allows your team to test new software in one virtual server without worrying about affecting other users. 

Important considerations

Server virtualization makes it easy to set up new virtual servers–which can be both a blessing and a curse. For companies with multiple functions and departments, your IT team may end up with a large number of virtual servers to manage. Having a system in place to track how your virtual resources are using up your physical resources, as well as where everything is, is essential to proper management of a virtual server system. 

Server virtualization isn’t right for every company or software solution. Some applications and software programs require a lot of memory and processing power to run effectively, so it may be best to leave these on a dedicated server. Computer Service Now’s team of IT professionals can help you evaluate your server usage and research how much memory and power each of your software and applications uses to evaluate whether server virtualization is the right choice for you. 

Eliminate downtime with a server rental

Companies that are considering server virtualization should be aware that the time and effort it takes to set up virtual servers can result in downtime for their physical server. For hospitals, fire departments, government offices, and others who can’t risk even a few minutes of server downtime, we recommend contacting our sister company, Rentacomputer.com, to discuss server rentals to minimize the impact of server virtualization on your productivity and daily operations. Having an extra server on-site for a short period of time can help expedite the process without sacrificing your ability to serve your clients. 

Setting up a server rental

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