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Designing the Conference Room Your Business Deserves

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When it comes to updating your business technology, most business owners focus first on desktop computers, laptops, networks, and other machines that their people use every day. However, with so many high-level decisions that seriously impact the future of business being made within the confines of the conference room, more and more business leaders are taking the opportunity to modernize and renovate this often overlooked room. Here are just a few of the ways that Computer Service Now can help you design the conference room you need to meet the demands of your business while ensuring that your new technology is compatible with the rest of your network. 

Project the right image

When you or your team have spent hours putting together a new presentation or mocking up a new design, it’s important that you have the right technology to ensure that everyone can view your presentation in the right way. The right solution to help you project the right image depends largely on the size of your conference room and the resolution you’re looking for. 

Ultra HD 4K televisions offer the most impressive displays to date. You can also share desktop screens or cast from your smartphone or iPad directly to the television. Sized from 40” to 70”, these televisions are ideally suited for standard-size conference rooms in almost any business settings. With a display resolution of 3840 x 2160, you can share your presentations, ad mock-ups, and videos with the rest of the team in unmatched ultra-high definition.

For large scale conference rooms, laser projectors offer the clear resolution and power you need to get your message across. Our laser projectors boast 10,000 lumens in a compact design that is built for intensive usage and long-lasting brightness.

Laser projector video conference rentals

Whether your conference room calls for an Ultra HD 4K television or a laser projector, our experts can help you select the right equipment for your project. We ensure that your projectors or television screens are compatible with the rest of your technology and we even handle the installation – ensuring that your new equipment is properly installed and working before we leave the site. 

Stay in touch

With more business being conducted remotely than ever before, the ability to conduct conference calls and teleconferences is more important than ever. Instead of trying to coordinate multi-line phone calls or struggling to be heard on a single phone with speakerphone, teleconferencing systems let you conduct hassle-free conference calls. 

Our teleconferencing systems provide unmatched audio clarity, multi-directional microphones, and loudspeakers that allow you to conduct professional teleconferences with your team no matter where they are calling in from. Teleconferencing systems provide meeting organizers with centralized access to dialing, mute, and volume controls, while the first-mic priority feature focuses the mic levels based on who is speaking. 


With analog, wireless, and IP based models available, we are sure to have a teleconferencing solution to meet the needs of your conference room. Our dedicated team of professionals will install your system, run all necessary wiring, and test your system to ensure that your new teleconferencing system is working correctly. Need help later? We offer remote and onsite troubleshooting to ensure that you are always happy with the service you receive. 

Can you see me now?

What do you do when a conference call just won’t do, but you still can’t get all of your meeting attendees together in one place? A video conference, of course! 

Putting you face to face with others on the call while avoiding the hassle and expense of travel, our Meeting Owl video conferencing system allows you to save both time and money in the long run. Meeting Owl includes a single-lens solution that offers a full panoramic view of the meeting space, allowing everyone in the conference room to see and be seen by others on the video call. Eight omnidirectional mics and speakers ensure that each person in the room will be heard and be able to hear everything that is said on the call. 

Our conference room technology team will set-up and install your Meeting Owl to ensure that your equipment is ready for your first video conference whenever you are. Best of all, Meeting Owl is compatible with any web-based meeting platform, so you can keep using whatever meeting platform you’re currently using!

Outfitting the conference room you deserve

Whether you’re a five-man shop or employ more than 1,000 people, our services can be tailored to meet the IT needs of your business. Technology is always improving, and we strive to help your business find and use new technology tools to keep your small or medium-sized business competitive. 

You need to be able to spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about your office equipment – that’s where the experts at Computer Service Now can help. Our computer services, conference room technology assistance, IT consulting, and other services offer you an easy and hassle-free option to keep your office computers running smoothly.

With our high level of customer service and satisfaction, Computer Service Now works hard to be the premier IT firm in the Cincinnati and Dayton region. We offer a wide variety of IT solutions that stay within your budget. For IT-related projects big and small, our experience, expertise, and variety of services allow us to provide the support you need to meet your business needs. Contact us today and let us solve all of your IT needs today!

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