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Easy Remote Sharing Amid COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19, or coronavirus disease, is taking the world by storm and very few companies were ready for it. Are you one of those companies who is scrambling to go remote because you cannot afford an N95 Mask for employees? Remote services are vital in staying productive when a global pandemic strikes. Our technicians are skilled and experienced when it comes to setting up remote services for businesses in need–we even have a few different options to best suit your business.

Remote sharing services

Easy Remote Sharing

One of the easiest ways to share your work PC remotely is with online software like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and Splashtop. These simple programs only require access to the internet–and of course an access code to the PC you’re connecting to. You will have full access to your work desktop as long as you’re connected to the internet. This leads us to the downside—Because you must be online at all times, poor bandwidth or fading internet connection can cause disconnects which can be quite frustrating when unexpected. The easiest, quickest remote sharing process doesn’t come without caveats–which is why we’ve come up with other options.

VPN Appliance Firewall or VPN Server

Many businesses already have a VPN firewall, which is designed to protect against unauthorized and malicious users intercepting or exploiting a VPN connection. However, with a firewall or server that has VPN access, you can allow any external devices with the login credentials to access your work network. Companies that need to give users access to a PC but also have users without a computer, but need access to file shares or other documentation will see the most advantages from a VPN connection. Some of the more advanced firewalls can even set restrictions to users–and set extra layers of security to ensure company data is protected.

Remote Desktop Gateway

Our third remote sharing option is letting us set up a Remote Desktop Gateway, or when a server acts as the gateway into which RDP connections from an external network connects through access to a remote desktop server located on the corporate network. This option allows for some control over users and acts kind of like a webpage. Employees can go to this gateway using an IP address and login information–based on their permission levels, different employees can have access to certain resources or all of them.

Moving to the Cloud

A lot of companies are beginning to move to the cloud in hopes to provide access wherever they may be to there employees. Employees could access their program’s data and make calls using the cloud as their virtual server. This provides reliability, security, and no longer requires your company to worry about backing up data. The only downfall to the cloud is the expense. Small companies may find it hard to see the cloud as a possibility. However, if your company can spare the expense, moving to the cloud is a reliable option.

We’re here for you

Whether you’re a five-man shop or employ more than 1,000 people, our services can be tailored to meet the IT needs of your business. Remote sharing technology is always improving, and we strive to help your business find and use new technology tools to keep your small or medium-sized business productive.

When you need to spend more time keeping your business running–and less time worrying about keeping all of your employees connected, that’s where Computer Service Now comes in. Our computer services, conference room technology assistance, IT consulting, and other services offer you an easy and hassle-free option to keep your computers, servers, and business services running smoothly.

With our high level of customer service and satisfaction, Computer Service Now works hard to be the premier IT firm in the Cincinnati and Dayton region. We offer a wide variety of IT solutions that stay within your budget. For IT-related projects big and small, our experience, expertise, and variety of services allow us to provide the support you need to meet your business needs. Contact us today and let us solve all of your IT needs today!

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