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Work From Home Equipment Guide

Working from home (WFH) can certainly be convenient, especially in the middle of a pandemic, but if your employees aren’t equipped with the proper tools, trying to keep your WFH staff productive can be a nightmare.

While there has already been significant research that confirms that working from home can be just as efficient as doing business on-site, there are still some hurdles to get across to enable staff to work remotely, efficiently.

It’s essential to keep your WFH employees engaged in their daily tasks, which starts with equipping them with the right tech gadgets. These FAQs from businesses supporting work-from-home employees can serve as your guide to remote working hardware.

Start with setting up home offices.

WFH Office Assessment:

Are your employees equipped to work remotely? It’s important to make sure your employees’ offices are well-equipped, whether you’re planning to manage all of your employees from home or adopting a hybrid model for employees to get tasks done remotely for a portion of the week.

Studies have shown that when workers have access to the best equipment–the same amenities they enjoy at the officewhile they are at home, they are more motivated and productive.

A proper system is perhaps the most critical utility you can give your WFH employees. Here we outline which hardware is best for different jobs and tasks, recommend various internal components, and explain how a custom system could be best for your business. Here are some questions from our customers that might help you select the right PC:

What kind of hardware is best for completing accounting tasks from home?

We recommend a standard mini-tower case, with an intel i5 processor, at least 8GB of RAM, a 500 Gigabyte Solid State Drive (SSD), and a 24” LCD Monitor for lighter loads like accounting, coding, web design, and running tasks like phone, email, and company messengers.

Do I need a particular system for photo and video editing?

When it comes to multimedia editing projects, the most important components are the graphics card and processor. That’s why we’d recommend a standard mid-tower case with an Intel i7 processor and at least 32 Gigabytes of RAM. However, suppose you want to speed up the project and have the best visual capabilities. In that case, we’d recommend a 500 Gigabyte SSD, a 4 Terabyte standard hard drive, a high-end video card such as the RTX series, and of course, a 4K 32” LED monitor.

I want the best possible system. What do you recommend?

Many web designers, content creators, audiophiles, medical professionals, architects, and other professionals turn to gaming PCs to get their tasks done more quickly because of the power and performance offered by these gaming desktops–or even gaming laptops.

Gaming computers deliver high-end graphics because they have dedicated RAM for processing graphics, meaning gaming computers can render graphics more quickly and accurately, there’s a reason why some gamers become excellent at what they do.

To put it simply, if you want fast loading times, rich colors, and superior performance—you can’t beat a hand-picked gaming PC and the right 4K monitor.

What’s the difference between a custom desktop built by Computer Service Now and a pre-built unit?

The value of using CSN to build a custom PC is our experienced technicians can hand-pick the individual components that provide the best value or the best performance depending on your needs. We’ve been doing this for decades and can help you find the best components at your price point.

We can also guarantee future upgradability by using standard components such as the case, power supply, graphics card, other internal parts that may not be swappable in off-the-shelf pre-built systems.

Moreover, we’ll be here to handle any troubleshooting, upgrading, or questions you have in a much more timely manner–and at a lower cost–because of the replaceable components used in our builds.

A Few More Tips

Keeping employees engaged from a distance is easier than ever, especially with the right advice. Don’t forget, working under suitable conditions is essential not just for productivity, but also for mental health and employee morale.

Every good worker aspires to work with the latest and greatest equipment, whether they are in the office or working remotely. Make sure you provide your employees with the right hardware, support, and resources to set up their home offices if you want them to stay busy! Many businesses are now supporting a newly-remote workforce by either buying the equipment for their workstations, renting technology, or even providing reimbursement plans for equipment and maintenance. Keep your eye on our blog for our next post about remote working applications, and how businesses should plan to support the growing remote workforce.

Remote Working Advice and Installation with Computer Service Now

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