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Google, Dell, and Intel form The Modern Computing Alliance

The Modern Computing Alliance aims to redefine technology systems and stacks in the interconnected, internet-first world we live in today. The goal of the group is to better innovate and integrate from silicon to cloud.

A handful of major technology companies in the IT and cloud computing industries have formed an alliance to solve shared problems with security, remote work, and other enterprise issues that have become increasingly important amid the COVID-19 lockdown. The Modern Computing Alliance includes Google, Dell, Intel, and some smaller companies like Box, Citrix, Imprivata, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMWare, and Zoom.

Four Areas of Expertise

“The Modern Computing Alliance will redefine technology systems and stacks in the interconnected, internet-first world we’re living in.” – Solomon, VP and GM ChromeOS at Google

According to The Verge, the Modern Computing Alliance is initially focused around four areas of expertise:

  • — Performance: Developing a more seamless, user-friendly experience across the web and devices.
  • — Security and Identity: Creating more advanced cloud data security and improving current data loss prevention solutions.
  • — Remote work, productivity, and collaboration: Enhancing the productivity of an increasingly distributed workforce by providing telemetry insights across the stack.
  • — Health Care: Improving ROI on technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce IT costs.


The consortium’s goal is to pool knowledge and resources toward solving shared problems involving how companies work with the cloud — and which tools are most useful to do so.

The Modern Computing Alliance is particularly engaged in developing new standards and interoperable tech that can be used by any company that relies on one of the partner’s platforms or products.

“It’s not the most natural thing to say, ‘Let’s form a consortium.’ But this isn’t an ordinary time.”

Preparing for the Future of Computing

The Modern Computing Alliance actually predates the coronavirus pandemic, as the union was formed at CES in Las Vegas in 2019. However, as the pandemic culture began to set in, the group knew it needed to expand its scope. So the MCA brought in even more companies that were witnessing massive shifts in how corporate work is performed, like Slack and Zoom.

“Today, we’re excited to announce Google’s membership in the Modern Computing Alliance — to address the biggest IT challenges facing companies today with integration from silicon to cloud,” says John Solomon, Google’s vice president of Chrome OS. “Working with a group of forward-thinking industry leaders, we’re aligning standards and technologies to provide companies with the choice of high-performance, cloud-first computing solutions from the vendor of their choice who provide modern solutions for the modern era of business.”

To prepare for the future of cloud and IT, The Modern Computing Alliance aims to build a council of IT professionals that can identify problems and figure out how to solve them. The group plans to meet and form working groups with deliverables by early 2021, including guiding principles for the ecosystem and customer priorities. “Right now, what you’ll see from us is low hanging fruit, but there will be short-term and longer-term contributions to the ecosystem,” said Soloman. “We will have ambitions that are multi-year and a roadmap that will have some simple things as well as things that will require more investments.”

Are you ready for more seamless collaboration, productivity, performance, security, and compatibility work experience? Look forward to products from The Modern Computing Alliance in the first half of 2021.

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