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Are Your Security Settings At Risk By Using Chrome?

computer-virusIt is never easier having something taken from you. There are certain things that you expect to be kept safe from harm or prying eyes. Take your software for example. When using software from other companies, such as web browsers, you expect it to be relatively secure when dealing with personal information or settings. Not only can it be incredibly frustrating, but it can also lead to potential damage to your computer via possible virus or malicious software. Now, it is just a plain fact that certain programs are better than others. Some browsers run better, and have better security than others. Take Google Chrome for example. Your security and browsers settings may be at risk if you are a Google Chrome user.

Google Chrome was facing a very severe rise of settings highjackers, and it has caused quite a fuss for the browser’s users. It has gotten so bad that it is now the number one complaint for those who use Chrome. It became such a problem that Chrome addressed the issue back in October to battle the highjackers. They gave the option to manually go in and change or reset your browser settings. The tutorial warned that some programs that are downloaded and installed can actually change your settings without you being aware. While there is a warning, one would expect a program that runs with the biggest and most used search engine to be a bit more secure. Although this was their first answer to the ongoing issue, it wasn’t enough to slow down the high jackers. Now Chrome has come up with another option for their users.

The current weapon of choice for Chrome users, is a pop up window directly addressing your browser settings. The pop up window comes up automatically when Google Chrome detects that your settings may have been changed without your consent. It’ll disable any and all themes, apps, and extensions that you may have currently running or installed. It won’t uninstall the programs, so you can still go back and manually reactivate all of them should you choose to. This will hopefully solve the ongoing problem, however there still may be further attempts.

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The VP of engineering for Google Chrome claimed that many of the highjackers and hackers are very “pernicious”. They will, supposedly, leave behind programs that contain certain processes. These processes were designed by the highjackers to active after a short period of time in order to take over your browser again. This would explain why going back to restore your settings manually have not worked in the first place. If the programs lie in wait, then it would make sense as to why your browser settings may have continuously changed.

This is not a good look for Google Chrome as it shows that their browser looks insecure. It is not their fault mind you, and it is good that they have addressed the issue, but now any Chrome user should be very wary. It may help to scan your computer for viruses and also know what you are downloading, as a lot of the highjackers are attaching their programs to very common downloads. You have been warned.

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