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Quality Data Backups – The Key to a Successful Disaster Prevention Plan

Sooner or later, your business will endure a disaster and the downtime from data loss that such calamity brings. Some companies ignore it, some worry about it, but those in the know prepare for it. No Company can avoid it. The companies that are best prepared, have either faced the disaster first hand, or have IT Pros who know how to CYA. More often times than not, severe data loss will cause heads to roll and usually it is the guy in charge of the network infrastructure.

The 6 keys to consider when implementing a Data Backup Plan:

1. The end user data storage policies. All end-user data should be stored on a shared network drive. Any data stored locally on an end user system will more than likely not be archived.
2. The Data you need to backup – some data is impossible to re-create, some is easy to re-create and some does not need to be re-created. You have to weight the importance with the amount of data your plan can logically archive.
3. The time and frequency of the backup job. Do you need backups daily or weekly? Do you need to backup all of the data, or just do partial backups on a set frequency
4. Location and Storage of the backed up media. Do you keep all backed up media on site, or should you have an offsite copy.
5. The type of hardware and software needed to support your backup plan.
6. The company procedure to perform the backups, listing those involved, their responsibilities, and the employees who are responsible to back them up when needed.

If your company does not have a Data Backup Solution, contact the Network Consultants at Computer Service Now. They can create a comprehensive solution for any size company and implement the installation through their association with the Tech-Army.org, a nationwide organization of IT Professionals.

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